Advocate is a server or cloud based EMR (electronic medical record) and
practice management solution designed specifically for Case Managers, Rehabilitation Professionals,
and the Home Health Care industry.

The system is designed to work both with the Internet and without, to allow maximum
use of time and access to records from anywhere, anytime.
Advocate is not Internet dependent. Should your Internet connection go down for any
reason, access to the system is always available via your local network or the
Advocate Lite extension or via IOS or Android enable devices.

Advocate support is handled entirely in the USA with quality trained professionals who
understand the business you are in and value your professional time. We work together
with you to make sure every aspect is configured as you desire, so you can begin using
Advocate almost instantly. In addition our staff training system allows you to schedule
training sessions for anyone of your employees or partners individually, without having to
try and schedule a mass session. This individual training approach allows you to focus on
your business and not on the learning curve of others.