AeroCare is a nationally recognized and accredited provider of worldwide air ambulance and medevac services. AeroCare’s air medical transport services also include commercial flight nurse escorts throughout the world. Our mission is to safely transport our patients in a manner consistent with our core values of excellence in patient care, integrity, safety, and customer service. AeroCare works diligently with insurance providers, hospitals, case managers, patients, and families to provide the best air ambulance services possible in the most cost effective manner.

In our 21st year of operation as an air ambulance company, AeroCare has flown over ten thousand patients in need of medical transportation, throughout both the United States and internationally. Our flight staff includes some of the most experienced flight paramedics and nurses in the field. AeroCare’s aircraft features state-of-the-art medical equipment, and are equipped to supply the same level of care that one would see in a hospital ICU. AeroCare offers 24 hour emergency and non-emergency medevac and medical transport services throughout the world. With aircraft bases in Illinois, Arizona, and Florida, our aircraft are strategically located to provide optimal response times and cost effective air ambulance pricing.

AeroCare owns, operates, and manages a fleet of aeromedical aircraft and employs an exceptional team of professionals all dedicated to excellence. AeroCare’s pilots, medical teams, and administrative staff are highly trained and experienced in the medical flight and air ambulance industry, and our commitment to the quality of care we offer our patients is unsurpassed. This commitment to quality and cost effectiveness is delivered by a safety and service driven management team dedicated to treating each of our patients as if they were members of our own family.

AeroCare’s medical flights are operated by R&M Aviation, Inc, doing business as AeroCare Medical Transport System, Inc. and Jet Logistics, Inc. R&M Aviation, Inc. and Jet Logistics, Inc. are both FAA Part 135 certificated Air Carriers.