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Paperless ePrescribing Software Solution
AdvancedMD Web-based ePrescribing software system strengthens the relationship between doctors, physicians, patients and pharmacies by automating the prescription management process with improved care and convenience, as well as decreased risk for all parties.
Web-based AdvancedMD ePrescribing software solution assists doctors by replacing the financial, staffing and IT equipment barriers associated with client/server medical software systems.

As easy as one two three! (click + click = done)
Using AdvancedMD ePrescribing software solution it takes only seconds for a physician to transmit scripts and authorize refills from the office, hospital or home using any Web device such as a tablet PC, laptop or PDA.

Six Benefits of AdvancedMD ePrescribing Software in Your Medical PracticeReduce Doctor-Pharmacy Communications [ more ]
Physicians and support staff using AdvancedMD ePrescribing software system are able to achieve 33% improvement of time spent responding to calls from pharmacies. By creating more accurate electronic submissions physicians can significantly reduce the volume of pharmacy callbacks related to handwriting legibility, mistaken manual prescription choices, formulary and pharmacy benefits. Prescribers and pharmacies can save time and resources spent writing and faxing prescriptions. The AdvancedMD ePrescribing system positively impacts office workflow productivity by reducing labor, handling time, and paper expense.

Increase Patient Safety, Compliance and Convenience [ more ]
It is estimated that 20% of paper-based prescription orders go unfilled, due in part from the hassle of dropping off a paper prescription and waiting for it to be filled. When physicians use ePrescribing software patient compliance with medication recommendations improves by 11%. This is because AdvancedMD electronic prescription requests can improve the efficiency of this system, reducing obstacles that result in less patient compliance. AdvancedMD ePrescribing software solution includes clinical decision support which helps doctors improve safety through drug-drug, drug-allergy and drug-condition interaction checking. Physicians likewise gain access to current medication list and formularies/benefit information.

Gain Immediate Access to Patient Records and Prescription History [ more ]
Specialized to a doctor's unique workflow and systems, AdvancedMD ePrescribing software is a component of our Web-based . Your patient demographic records are automatically added and/or updated in the application allowing you time-saving and more accurate prescription processing. Gain access to reporting of prescription history across all providers of a patient.

Qualify for the 2% Medicare Rebate [ more ]
In 2009 there is a 2% Medicare rebate on all paid claims when physicians use electronic prescriptions submitted through AdvancedMD ePrescribing software solution.

Simplify Rx Authorizations, Fulfillment and Renewals [ more ]
AdvancedMD ePrescribing authorization uses an automated process that provides efficiencies for both prescribers and pharmacies. In the case of a renewal, the pharmacy generates a request and authorization that is delivered through our network to the doctor's ePrescribing software system. You are then able to review and approve or deny the request. Your response electronically updates the pharmacy in real time. With only a few clicks physicians can complete renewal authorization tasks, document that activity and create related staff orders.

Anywhere, Anytime Access [ more ]
The environment of AdvancedMD ePrescribing software solution is the ideal platform for mobility. Using any mobile device (laptop, PDA, etc.) and wireless network doctors can write and authorize prescriptions, anywhere and anytime, even from home.

Bundled with Practice Management to Auto-Populate Patient Data
Until now, having an ePrescribing software system that could auto populate patient demographics was reliant upon an EMR. [ more ]