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Automate, Collaborate, Optimize
Curaspan manages all aspects of care transition planning from acute to post-acute to home. Our technology automates transitions of care workflows to create efficiencies and reduce process variation. It supports deep collaboration between providers and generates the analytics necessary to optimize transition performance for every stakeholder.

Our Solution — More Essential Every Day
The healthcare market has changed dramatically in the last several years. Care transitions are at the forefront of the evolving industry, making Curaspan essential for new models of care and fluctuating financial models.

Transitions of Care — It’s What We Do
In 14 years we’ve become experts across all aspects of care transition planning. We help our customers develop best practices and address new initiatives like meaningful use and patient outreach in an actionable way. We’ve built the nation’s largest network of post-acute providers to facilitate the most important component of care transitions – collaboration.


I implemented this product almost 10 years ago. Almost got sucked into just using what the EMR vendor offered as 'transition management' and I am so glad I went with this eDischarge (now it's called DischargeCentral). When you go with a best of breed, you get a company that's focused on responding to the needs of my staff (and rules/reg changes) with functionality to meet our needs.This company only does transition management- when you go with a huge vendor that says they do it all- they usually don't. Curaspan implementation was easy with no heavy time commitment from IT (which we all know can be a show-stopper). The service component was the big win for me- I worked with clinicians at Curaspan that had years of CM experience- they helped me design a workflow that made sense for my specific needs. And now they are embedded within our MIDAS program so we don't have to 'double document' anything. We are talking to them about automatically pulling referral packet documents over from our EMR as I understand they are doing this at other facilities. I highly recommend you take a look. I also use them for managing the UR process and sending/tracking reviews.