HealtheFirst's vision is to mitigate readmission, eliminate errors, optimize services, lower costs and increase provider profitability by simplifying processes, eliminating redundancy and maximizing outcomes for Case Management companies.


Smart Scheduling
There's no longer a need to remember due dates, or maintain a separate calendar.

Service Templates
Easily assign several services at once by creating a service template to automate common service packages.

Electronic Visit Verification
Record a timestamp and GPS coordinates with a single click as you check into and out of visits.

Lifecycle Tracking
Track a service through each step in the reimbursement process, from "newly completed service" to "reimbursement received."

Batch Exports
Quickly and easily export services from HealtheFirst and upload those services to any clearinghouse.

Total Payroll
Simply view or export case manager payroll totals for a given pay period, including payments for billable and non-billable services.

Unit Tracking
Never let approved units expire by analyzing a patient's approved units, provided units, and recent service rates.

Workforce Management
Identify and assign services to the most qualified case managers in order to improve efficiency and worker satisfaction.

Quickly and easily export patient forms and detailed service histories to satisfy any audit.

Digital Documentation
Keep forms organized and accessible at any time, from anywhere, by completing them digitally.

Secure Messaging
Keep patient information safe by communicating within our secure application.

Certifications & Training
Store case manager certifications with expiration dates, as well as non-billable activities such as training.