Welcome to EURAMI accredited Jet Rescue Air Ambulance a Different Air Ambulance.

We specialize in long-range air ambulance transports and will get you there faster and safer by employing the most modern technology available today.
Our Care Does not only focus on the medical component but rather in creating a unique and comforting experience.

Main Differences:

-Aircraft are outfitted to provide a Relaxing Experience for both patient and travel companion including : Soothing music, Ipads, New Blankets and Pillows , Customized Catering creating a relaxing environment and a more comfortable experience.

-We've been awarded EURAMI air ambulance accreditation. This demonstrates our commitment to a higher standard of service.

-Our High-end Equipment Provides Better Care

Our aircraft are fully-equipped Flying Intensive Care Units. The patient travels on a custom designed aircraft medical interior that is outfitted with the latest medical equipment including PORTABLE ULTRASOUND.

-Extensive Training Ensures Greater Quality of Care and Safety.

Our entire Crew has undergone extensive training in Medical and Safety issues above the industry Standard. This assures a higher level of care

Executive-Quality Interiors Enhance Comfort

Our Jets are perfectly kept to assure you a first-class experience.Forget about worn-out planes! We will make your flight comfortable .

-In-Flight Entertainment
Movies make the time go by much faster! We have Ipads and noise-canceling headphones with a lot of movies to watch.

-Worldwide Capability

As an operator we have worldwide Authority including Cuba and other "difficult" countries like Venezuela.