Diplomat Specialty Infusion Group is a national provider and distributor is a national provider and distributor of select specialty pharmaceuticals, related supplies, and clinical, reimbursement and in-home support services. Diplomat specializes in the following disease/therapy areas:

1) hemophilia and related bleeding disorders, including the provision of anti-hemophilic clotting factors and highly customized support services,
2) immunoglobulin therapy (IVIg and SCIg), including related pumps, supplies and nursing services,
3) augmentation therapy for alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency,
4) infusion and self-injection therapies for hereditary angioedema, and
5) intravenous TNF-alpha inhibitors, including infliximab and golimumab
6) enzyme replacement therapy for lysosomal storage disorders, and
7) enteral and parenteral infusion therapies for nutrition and digestive disorders.