MorCare, LLC

222 South River Side Plaza
Suite 1850
Chicago, IL 60606


MorCare, LLC, a subsidiary of MorHoldings, Inc., offers enterprise software solutions in support of population health, including solutions for care management, quality management, risk management, infection prevention, practitioner and systems performance evaluation and decision support. These solutions help healthcare organizations manage the transition to value-based care while improving patient outcomes, satisfaction and safety. MorCare also offers consulting services and flexible licensing options.

MorCare Care Management automates inpatient, transitions of care, and outpatient care management processes. It streamlines workflows and promotes communication among care managers and post-acute care providers. MorCare’s care transitions solution provides a web portal for managing post-acute care referrals and communications. MorCare offers flexible reporting options including SAP® Crystal Reports® and SAP BusinessObjects™ Web Intelligence® for standard and ad hoc reporting. MorCare also offers both locally hosted and cloud-based installation options.

Our key solutions include:


MorCare Care Management – Supports a multidisciplinary approach to acute and community care management; discharge planning; documentation reviews; audits, denials and appeals management. It includes an executive dashboard for point-and-click trend analysis.

Transitions of Care solutions – Facilitate online care coordination and communications with key stakeholders, including hospital-based and community case managers and post-acute care providers.


MorCare Quality Management – Automates quality and peer review workflows, enabling health systems and hospitals to identify and track patient- and system-based quality issues automatically and schedule them for review.


MorCare Risk Management – Provides everything health systems need to identify, assess, monitor and minimize risks proactively and manage process improvements that promote patient, visitor and employee safety. It includes an integrated liability claims management module.


Morcare Infection Prevention – Enables health systems and hospitals to identify and track patient infections automatically; monitor and improve infection control; and identify risks and establish policies to prevent the spread of infections.


Morcare Decision Support – Helps data analysts, department managers and other leaders measure and evaluate performance with intuitive, customized reporting. Point-and-click trend analysis gives users the option to drill down to the patient level of detail.


Consulting services – Provide comprehensive needs assessments and partnership with organizations to improve departmental workflows and structures; apply best practices to care and outcomes management processes; and develop comprehensive plans for realizing sustainable and measurable results quickly.

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